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T&C's: Tickets are non-refundable, can be passed onto a friend. If you are unable to attend on the day, you are welcome to join us online - please contact us here

SMARTwomen Speakers.

We would love to introduce you to our SMARTwomen speakers, inspirational and empowering women who can speak at your event! If you are interested in booking a speaker, please contact us on or send a message through our contact form for more information.


Marny Lishman

Health & Community Psychologist

Dr Marny Lishman is a Health & Community Psychologist, Keynote Speaker, Author and Channel 9 Perth’s Resident Psychologist. Marny’s work involves creating agility of the mind, increasing people’s psychological capacity to not only design & create the life that they envision, transforming their internal capabilities to beyond what they thought possible, and providing them with the skills to deal with individual and collective disruptions that they will inevitably face on their life journey. 

Marny's topics include;

-THRIVE: Nuturing the person behind the professional

- FLOW: The Art of Psychological Flexibility

- GRIT MINDSET: Secret to Success

& More

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Josephine Muir

CEO & co-founder of Noisy Guts

Noisy Guts is an award-winning gut health company on a mission to improve gut health.

In 2019, Josephine lead Noisy Guts from spin-out to startup, extracting intellectual property from The University of Western Australia. She raised $2.5M during a global pandemic and learned much along the bumpy road to commercialisation.


Noisy Guts has recently launched its first product - Superflora gut-friendly protein shakes.

Josephine’s topics include:


  • gut health/microbiome

  • eating your way to better health, especially the low fodmap diet

  • running with IBS


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